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Basic of Personal Computer

# Keeping in mind the correct computer specifications and the need of availability of computer repair schemes. As we all are aware of the fact that computer is a machine and machine can get damaged any time (internally or externally). So, proper computer repair will make the Computer machine last for long.

# In today’s corporate world, Laptops have become the part and parcel of everyday life. The reason behind this is the portability of the Laptop. This also gives rise to different laptop problems so this is why a good Laptop repair once in a while is important.

# Different Operating systems of different Laptops possess different specifications so Computer repair should be done by keeping in mind all this specifications.

# Architecture of any machine is quite important to understand as this makes the understanding of the machine easy. Hence, the user gets all information to deal with his machine.

# When a Computer is made available in the market or to the users, there are always the chances of new options in the machine. So, technical support is very much required for any new machine. Hence, technical support is provided with the machines so that in any kind of issues or system failure, users may not get to face such problems for long time.

# A computer or a laptop is comprised of many different parts or components. These components behave differently. So, there is no particular standard behind all these components. This is why the Fix my computer module is introduced into the computers. This helps the users to fix their small problems by themselves. This avoids wastage of time and money. So, fix my computer module is must to be introduced into the machines for the users.

Any particular operating system or a Computer has different specifications. This is the reason why they behave differently. Also, they support different media functions and options. This is the reason why pc support is important. It gives an idea as well as an option to the users for understanding all the flexible options and functions of the computer. Pc support is required mainly to understand all the media options that pc can support.

DVD or CD Duplication?

While researching, you will find several companies offering both, duplication as well as replication services. The most cost-effective service provider would offer you services on the basis of factors like –

  • The quantity required
  • The turnout time
  • The quality anticipated by you
  • Your budget for the project

With the help of the information shared in this post, you will certainly get the help in determining the best copying method for your data. While finding the differences between the two methods of data copying, you should keep the following points in your mind.

  • When mastering and duplication are done with perfection, the result is almost the same as replication.
  • The professionals can use different print options on two duplication processes to fetch better results.
  • Depending upon the services, you can choose the same packaging options or different shrink-wrapping alternatives present in the industry.
  • Quality check is an integral part of both the copying methods to ensure quality of the process.

DVD/CD Duplication

  • The process of burning CDs or DVDs in bulk is DVD/CD duplication because commercially used and bigger disc burners are employed.
  • This process is usually employed for a smaller “short run” quantity or quick-turn copying jobs.
  • This process is actually the standard method when the order of minimum 1 and maximum 1500 discs burning is there.
  • Using this process, the master disc is burned [digital transfer of data] and the data is transferred to blank discs that are CD-R or re-recordable.
  • Once the burning process is over, the data is verified and based on the precision or exactness; discs are approved or rejected.
  • Different speeds are used for burning different data in the duplication process. For example –
  • The process of data burning of a music CD would be slow to ensure better quality transfer and better quality results.
  • Over the years, this process has remained the best one to copy data at a very high speed.
  • Because the set-up time in minimal, you will the quick turn to be more manageable.
  • The commercial burner machine can start immediately as soon as it gets the correct content or print ready artwork.

The process of replication

  • This process is used when there is the requirement of mass quantity data copying and this usually starts from minimum 1000 discs.
  • Large quantity of data can be used for mass copying while keeping the cost lower than usual.
  • The process does not start with an already manufactured CD-R.
  • It starts with creating a “glass master” of the original content and the time involved in making glass master is minimum three days.
  • The glass master is used to create a stomper to replicate CDs or DVDs from bulk poly-carbonate.
  • Upon completion, the disc is either screen-printed or offset printed.
  • Because of the extra steps of creating a glass master and creating screens, replication takes longer time than duplication.
  • However, it is a cheaper and better alternative for your copy job.


Use Headset?, Know Its Benefits


If you are using a headset, your hands will be free and you can take advantage of it by doing some work, take notes, open drawer to find files and can do many other things while you are on phone. If you are using a cordless headset, you may even walk around to your co-workers regarding support of the call you required from them.

Sound Quality

Headsets maintain sound quality for both ends of the conversation. You would able to listen easily because of the high-quality speakers that are held onto your ear in a position that you determine. Many Best headphones  are enabled with an amplifier that allows you to set the tone and the volume.


If you have ever tried to hold the phone to talk while you take a note or type, you might have realized that using the phone is not comfortable while working because you need to use both hands. According to a study performed in the 1990s, average users have 35% less muscle tension in their necks, shoulders and upper backs in comparison to the regular phone user when talking or doing some other work at the office.

Ease of use

Changing the track while listening to music from a phone using control within the headphones can be much simpler. This is particularly the case when you are walking outside or traveling on public transport. If you get a call from anyone you would be able to answer that call from the headphone itself without removing your phone from the pocket.


Headsets that have music controls actually have the control box as a separate unit. It means that the headset leads plugs into the control box which in turn is then plugged into the phone. The advantage of purchasing a headphone with this type of separate controller box offers greater versatility to the users.


Learn More about Inverter & UPS

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source)

The UPS is connected to the mains supply through an electrical socket. When there is electricity being transferred from the main supply, UPS also feeds off the electrical energy from the mains. It converts the AC into DC equivalent which charges the UPS battery. At the time of electrical failure, the output of the battery goes through sine wave inverter of the UPS. The sine wave inverter converts the DC into AC equivalent which his fed to the electrical appliances.


Unlike UPS, an inverter supplies electrical energy directly to the electrical appliances connected through the wires. And, at the same time, the AC is converted into DC equivalent to charging the battery.

In an inverter, the electrcity goes through the battery of the UPS which keeps getting discharged. There is an arrangement of the relay switch and sensors to monitor the supply from the main power sources. When the mains is turned OFF the sensors convey it to the relay which automatically switches ON the inverter.

UPS v/s Inverter :


The switch from mains to UPS power supply is swift. There is no lag and you won’t have any system crash or lose any data because of the transition form mains to UPS supply. A 3 to 8 milliseconds is what it takes fro UPS to get in operation.

However, in Inverter, there is a lag of few microseconds which might result in electrical appliance being switched off. The lag time for the inverter is about 500 millisecond.

2.AC to DC conversion

UPS draws continuous AC power from the main supply. This AC power is converted into DC to charge the battery. In the case of a power cut, the battery supplies to electrical appliances until it is completely drained.

An Inverter draws AC power from the main supply which is converted into DC equivalent at the same time. This DC equivalent charges the inverter battery simultaneously.


A UPS is directly connected to the electrical appliances. On the other hand, the inverter is connected to the electrical appliances with the help from the main power supply.


Common Computer Issues

Computer is a need of humans today. A person who knows the proper application of a computer will be considered a smart person today. But as a Computer is a machine and machines may have various issues associated with them. So, it is always challenging to maintain the proper working conditions of your computer. But in situations like:

# Sometimes the condition of Window failure or an Operating System failure, may arise a problem so computer repair is one of the key features involved. It has to be completely perfect.

# Computer Repair also means that all the license repairs and agreements must be properly verified. So, that there is no issue for the users. The main feature of making this option available was to provide comfort to the users. No user will want a bad working Operating system or a complete Hanging Machine.

One of the key options available is Laptop repair system. Laptop is a very smart machine and various issues are associated with them. So, Laptop Repair means that problems related to motherboard can be considered,License agreements and the hardware issues etc. So, the option of Laptop Repair for the users or customers provides them flexibility at the time of problems while using Laptops. Every problem related to a Laptop is welcomed by us. The other incentives such as Time required for solving the issues or other guarantee related issues are as termed by the product labels.

# A Laptop or a computer works properly when Operating system is working properly. So, the proper information about choosing the right steps to use a system should available.

# Proper Technical support is provided to deal with the user’s problem. All the users are given the complete information and advices to use the gadget. But in case of Technical failures, Technical support will be provided so that the user gets access to his machine as early as possible. His problem will be resolved as early as possible.

# Technical problems may involve cases such as System time period expires, License expires etc. And in such cases a proper solution to the problem will be available. computer repair

There are many options available for the users which can help them at the time of issues. This includes Fix my computer option, help option etc. Also PC support system is available. So, many of the problems can be solved by the user itself. But still offline help is available anytime. PC support helps in securing the system and also in ensuring the other input or output devices.

Guide to Installing an Epson Printer Without an Installation Disk

# First, you simply need to plug the printer into the PC via USB. Well, approximately there are few modern printers that are easily connected to the PC without an installation disk. Next, you are required to plug the Epson printer into the PC via USB and wait until the driver is installed automatically.

Next, it is essential for users to be connected to the internet for the Epson Printer driver installation process.

# Manually go ahead with the driver installation process: If the Epson printers’ plug and the drivers don’t install automatically, then it is recommended to manually search for the printer and start installing it.

Users working with Windows should open the Control Panel and then within that click on the “Devices and Printers” option. Next, tap on the “Add a printer” option and Windows will automatically start searching for the printer. As guided by Epson printer technical support phone number 1-800-213-8289 section, select your choice printer from the given list to start the installation process smoothly.

Users not able to manually install the Epson printer are advised to download and install the printer-specific drivers from the manufacturer itself.

# Downloading of printer-specific drivers: While you are operating on system drivers, it will generally provide people with their choice printer’s basic and advanced functionalities like scanning process with only the printer-specific drivers.

Carefully note down the Epson printers’ manufacturing date and model: The printer model will typically visible on the front side of the Epson printer which will help users in finding the correct driver.

Next, get access to the support section of the manufacturer’s website to search for your printer model.

Make sure that you are downloading the correct driver for the specific operating system.

Downloading of drivers on other PC :

It is essential for users to be connected with the internet connection as downloading of drivers on another computer and copying them onto a USB flash drive is required. Most of the drivers are less than 200 MB in size which means that most of the flash drives will work.

Having the best track record of the highest success rate in identify customer’s issues related to Epson and solve those instantly with successful results, we are chosen as one of the fastest growing service for delivering Epson printer customer support to users. So, if anyone among you is searching for the best and highly advanced Epson support services who can resolve issues like installation problems, driver related issues, connecting the Epson printer and many more are there, then we are the right choice for you people.

Membrane Keyboard

Keyboards are not any ordinary equipment today. They are available everywhere. From your computers to your microwave, membrane keyboards or control panels have flooded the market. You all might know what a keyboard is, but to scrutinize and take your knowledge a step further, let us first know what a membrane keypad is and how it helps in getting the same yet effective results as an input device.
What Is a Membrane Keypad?
These keyboards are not products with separate parts. They are flat and flexible. You can consider them just like pressure pads where symbols are punched on its surface. Initially they were used only on security systems or appliances where much of typing wasn’t required. Today they have reached the heights of popularity and you can find them everywhere. Most of the appliances you use in your home have membrane keyboards like television, washing machine, refrigerators and so on.
How do they work?
If you are acquainted with a touch screen keypad then it is easy to understand. Membrane Keypads resembles touch screen keypads more closely for executing commands. It depends on an electrical contact in between the surface of the keypad and its underlying circuits for execution of the required service or command.
Are you searching for Membrane Keypads in Bulk?
Today for finding out most of the things or queries we use internet. You can easily discover various brands that provide membrane keypads in bulk for keyboards. Check before hand your requirements before placing an order. Meanwhile you can have a look at the best supplier of membrane keypads. Elecflex has the right solutions for your appliances at the best prices.
While you are searching for them, also make sure to check out their graphical representations. It helps you to analyze the product in a much better way. If you are ordering in bulk, let me assure you that Elecflex is a supplier of these keyboards which are manufactured in China. You can readily stay secure as China is the highest manufacturer of technology and supplies products all over the world.
What are the Benefits of Membrane Keyboards?
It is the most popular and cost effective solution for the controls of your appliance and offers a perfect tactile feedback. The domes are made out of gold plated or nickel plated stainless steel ensuring a long lifecycle. When you are looking to buy in bulk, you have the perfect customization options as well. By reducing a circuit layer and an adhesive layer, you can lower production cost without reducing quality.
With Elecflex you can get a variety of keyboards. The one I like the most is the touch-to-act solution. Unlike embossed here the top layer remains flat giving a premium outlook and finish. All membrane keypads work in low voltage loop and supplies momentary signals. For more detailed information, check out the graphical representation here.

About Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Cable is a cable that contains glass or plastic strands of fiber inside an insulated tube that carries information in form of light pulses. These strands of fiber are called core, which is in turn is surrounded by a glass tube called cladding. Due to the phenomenon of internal reflection in the glass tube, the data is preserved safely until the end of the tube. Based on the number of fibers present in the cable, the fiber optic cable can be classified into two types-single mode and the multimode cables.

These cables have higher bandwidth; that is the capacity of transmitting huge amount of information over large distances as well. It is heavily used for computer networking, internet, cable television and telephone systems.

What do Fiber Optic Cables do?

These cables send the data in the form of light pulses through the glass or plastic fibers; which are only as thick as human hair, but has the potential to carry terabytes of information over very long distances with very little or no data loss. We know that light travels very fast and hence the information is converted in form of light particles with the help of a laser device that travels down the cable and at the receiving end is again translated into data by the computer.

What are the Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables over Copper Cables?

  • These are 1000 times faster in transmitting the data when compared to the traditional copper cables to 100 times longer in terms of distance. While copper cables are capable of transferring 1.5 mbps data to the distance of 1.5 miles, the fiber optic cables transmit 2.5 GBPS of data across 124 miles.
  • As the fiber optic cable is made of glass, unlike copper cables, is least affected by Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), an interference caused by the electromagnetic induction to the electric circuits.
  • These are by far the safest as they are hardly prone to any kind of damage due to atmospheric conditions like lightning.
  • These are extremely hard to tap as there is absolutely no amount of data leakage.
  • Durability is another factor that put fiber optic cables in the advantageous position as the glass could break but doesn’t wear down in any form of weather conditions, like copper cables where the outdoor conditions can hamper the durability of the copper cables.

What are the uses of Fiber Optic Cables?

The Fiber optic cables can be used in the various fields given its advantages over the copper cabling. Here are a few of the most popularly used areas where the fiber optic cables are slowly occupying the space of the copper cables.

  • Internet
  • Cable Television
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer Networking
  • Hospitals
  • Military
  • Lightning and Decoration

Whether it is fiber optic backbone for your data cabling system, links between buildings across the campus, fiber to desk or link between floors, no matter what your requirements are we are ready to take up any type of cabling projects, regardless of its complexity. Our engineers are equipped with the advanced fiber optic slicing and testing tools.

Some of the cables we widely use include,

  • Trunk cables
  • Distribution cables
  • Standard patch cord
  • High-density interconnect cables


Know The Reasons why Should Recycle Your Old Computer

There are lot of useful things inside your desktop computer beside hard disk drives, motherboard and RAM etc. There are substances like Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and other precious metals in your computer which can be both useful and harmful depending on how they are treated. If they are not treated properly, they can prove to be a serious hazard to the environment. Thus, understanding the importance of computer recycling becomes inevitable.

These substances and metals are not harmful till your IT equipment is in use. Problem starts when your computers get old and you are looking to get rid of them. Simply throwing them in the trash is not the solution to this problem. These substances can pose a serious threat to our health and environment if they are not disposed or recycled properly. Although there are many precious metals that can be found inside your desktop computer but the prominent ones are discussed below so that you may know about their potential hazards.


Cadmium is used commonly used in printed circuit boards. This means that all circuit components of your computer including motherboard, RAM or any other circuitry have cadmium present in them. If Cadmium is not disposed properly, it can easily react with the air and cause breathing problems contributing to lung diseases and other respiratory problems.


Lead is found in solder used to assemble to printed circuit boards. It is also found in glass of your monitor screen. This again implies that lead is present in large quantities in your computer machine and can cause serious health problems if not disposed properly. It can increase the soil toxicity and hence can mix in your daily food items such as vegetables and fruits. This, in result, can badly affect your nervous system and vital body organs and tissues.


Mercury is used in various components of your computer along with LCD screens etc. Now Mercury may not be present in large quantities in your computer system but can still cause a few health problems if not recycled or disposed properly. A slight amount of Mercury can damage your brain and central nervous system. Mercury, in vapour form, can cause high blood pressure and respiratory problems.

All these hazards, explained in detail above, can be a serious threat to our environment. We all know how important it is to protect and make our environment pollution free. Therefore, if you do not know how your old IT equipment can be recycled, then it is time that you know the facts.

Computer recycling must be done to your old computers and other IT related equipment so that environment can be more sustainable for future generations. Metallic substances present in your desktop computers can be a threat if not recycled or disposed properly. Eco Green IT offers eco-friendly computer recycling and IT disposal services so that you can make an informed choice when you are about to recycle your old desktop computers.


Ruggedized Monitors

Ruggedized Monitors are with no doubt getting famous day by day. The reason behind this is that the industries are expanding and more and more people and organizations are going to places where normal monitors or devices are not comparable with the environment or situations.

The following article will revolve its essense around these device that are Ruggedized monitors. The majority of the specialized Rugged LCD Displays (RD models) are intended for airborne, shipboard, and arrive based applications. The low specular reflectance and high brilliance show output that are fabulous high encompassing contrast.

These ruggedized displays are rack mountable with locking slides and accessible with HD-15 and DVI interfaces. A few models are wall mount, shaft mount or RAM mountable, and many offer console bundle choices. A large portion of the Industrial Displays (RPD models) highlight conservative plan as 17 inch, 1U rackmount LCDs, with small scale consoles and accompany or without KVM switch. Most item designs have been tried to ensure the client with a uninterruptable utilization of that specific gadget.

Rackmount LCD screens are intended to be a space sparing with a compacted metal development which isolated into two distinct styles; direct mount or rack screen drawer with an implicit slide rail that permits the screen to be hauled out from the rack and lifted up. Various manufacturers of the rugged screen plan a full scope of Rugged screens with high brightness displays and durable metal development which introduced into the standard 19-inch wide rack bureau, permit them to work under cruel workplace, are perfect for mechanical computerization control and display applications.

Screens drawer sort accompanies the flip-up configuration included low profile one rack U high drawer and customizable back mounting sections. The flush mount sort screen accompanies a front metal bezel with mounting gaps and substantial obligation fenced in area on the back of units, each and every unit comes OSD (on-screen show) film switch that lets the client can modify the screen so as to show quality stuff. It is a rugged unit particularly intended for business and military applications.

Mountable units with direct integration, then again, have metal rugged lodging and fits into the standard 19-inch rack in the cabinet. Safety glass is mounted on the LCD board to secure against effect and clean on the LCD board, giving more effectiveness and toughness to the item for a more drawn out life expectancy.

Maximized light transmission

Rather than the see through conductive film terminals utilized by many sorts of PCT sensor, Rugged monitors utilize a matrix of to a great degree fine wires installed in the sensor, which are practically undetectable to the bare eye. The transparent conductive movies, for example, indium tin oxide (ITO) can bring about a detectable shading shift and lessen the brightness of the screen general.

The bad part of ruggedized monitors

Each and everything is this world, has some bad part as well, so some drawbacks or defects of these monitors are that In spite of this technology breakthrough, early usage of modern PCT innovation, although the monitors are mechanically durable, still battled with obstruction from other conductive questions in the region of the sensor, including water beads. That is on account of ruggedizing the touch sensor is not just about physical quality.

Rugged PCT utilizes propelled control firmware which can sift through undesirable flags that may somehow or another enlist false touches. For instance, it can sift through a flag delivered by the client’s palm touching the show surface. It is additionally sufficiently brilliant to rebate signals from water beads in nature, or water spilled onto the screen.