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DVD or CD Duplication?

While researching, you will find several companies offering both, duplication as well as replication services. The most cost-effective service provider would offer you services on the basis of factors like –

  • The quantity required
  • The turnout time
  • The quality anticipated by you
  • Your budget for the project

With the help of the information shared in this post, you will certainly get the help in determining the best copying method for your data. While finding the differences between the two methods of data copying, you should keep the following points in your mind.

  • When mastering and duplication are done with perfection, the result is almost the same as replication.
  • The professionals can use different print options on two duplication processes to fetch better results.
  • Depending upon the services, you can choose the same packaging options or different shrink-wrapping alternatives present in the industry.
  • Quality check is an integral part of both the copying methods to ensure quality of the process.

DVD/CD Duplication

  • The process of burning CDs or DVDs in bulk is DVD/CD duplication because commercially used and bigger disc burners are employed.
  • This process is usually employed for a smaller “short run” quantity or quick-turn copying jobs.
  • This process is actually the standard method when the order of minimum 1 and maximum 1500 discs burning is there.
  • Using this process, the master disc is burned [digital transfer of data] and the data is transferred to blank discs that are CD-R or re-recordable.
  • Once the burning process is over, the data is verified and based on the precision or exactness; discs are approved or rejected.
  • Different speeds are used for burning different data in the duplication process. For example –
  • The process of data burning of a music CD would be slow to ensure better quality transfer and better quality results.
  • Over the years, this process has remained the best one to copy data at a very high speed.
  • Because the set-up time in minimal, you will the quick turn to be more manageable.
  • The commercial burner machine can start immediately as soon as it gets the correct content or print ready artwork.

The process of replication

  • This process is used when there is the requirement of mass quantity data copying and this usually starts from minimum 1000 discs.
  • Large quantity of data can be used for mass copying while keeping the cost lower than usual.
  • The process does not start with an already manufactured CD-R.
  • It starts with creating a “glass master” of the original content and the time involved in making glass master is minimum three days.
  • The glass master is used to create a stomper to replicate CDs or DVDs from bulk poly-carbonate.
  • Upon completion, the disc is either screen-printed or offset printed.
  • Because of the extra steps of creating a glass master and creating screens, replication takes longer time than duplication.
  • However, it is a cheaper and better alternative for your copy job.