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Great Guide to Purchase Scanners

Scanner can further be dividing into two categories :

  • Portable document scanners
  • Desktop document scanners

Portable document scanner

This type of scanners consist of foldable document scanners, handheld scanner and pen scanner. They are light weight and easy to use. They can select entire page or any selected portion of it. Let’s have a brief look at benefits of scanners

Desktop document scanners

In Desktop scanners category sheet fed scanners and flatbed scanners can be included. These scanners are usually big in size and they look like photocopiers.

Primary functions of documents scanners

The chief function of this scanner is to obtain the reflections of scanned documents or text and save them in images of PDF formats. There are many scanners who come with a build in optical character recognisation software so it lets you easy to convert images into text.

Benefits of scanners

  1. It takes less storage space than paper – scanned document don’t need storage space in office premises as scanned text stored in desktop so additional vacant office space can be used work adding more value to business.
  2. Lesser the chances of loss of document- scanned file always remained stored in your desktop. So there is very less chances of loss of documents.
  3. No risk of damage of spoiling of paper document- paper document has always risk of being damage. As paper can get wet, it can get burn but a scanned file remained in safe in hard disk.
  4. Better information security- when we store our information in digital form we can use restriction or access code so that no one can access your papers without access code.
  5. Enhanced employee productivity- with digital documents it’s easy to search any text. So it’s save employees time and increased their productivity.

Important things to consider before choosing a document scanner

When it’s come to choosing a this type of scanner you should keep the fallowing point in mind.

It should be relevant to task means if your business has high scanning volume than you should opt for a device that scans more pages per minute.

The size and type of file should be considered while choosing a scanner.

Check whether you need a portable scanner or simple scanner.