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Learn More about Inverter & UPS

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source)

The UPS is connected to the mains supply through an electrical socket. When there is electricity being transferred from the main supply, UPS also feeds off the electrical energy from the mains. It converts the AC into DC equivalent which charges the UPS battery. At the time of electrical failure, the output of the battery goes through sine wave inverter of the UPS. The sine wave inverter converts the DC into AC equivalent which his fed to the electrical appliances.


Unlike UPS, an inverter supplies electrical energy directly to the electrical appliances connected through the wires. And, at the same time, the AC is converted into DC equivalent to charging the battery.

In an inverter, the electrcity goes through the battery of the UPS which keeps getting discharged. There is an arrangement of the relay switch and sensors to monitor the supply from the main power sources. When the mains is turned OFF the sensors convey it to the relay which automatically switches ON the inverter.

UPS v/s Inverter :


The switch from mains to UPS power supply is swift. There is no lag and you won’t have any system crash or lose any data because of the transition form mains to UPS supply. A 3 to 8 milliseconds is what it takes fro UPS to get in operation.

However, in Inverter, there is a lag of few microseconds which might result in electrical appliance being switched off. The lag time for the inverter is about 500 millisecond.

2.AC to DC conversion

UPS draws continuous AC power from the main supply. This AC power is converted into DC to charge the battery. In the case of a power cut, the battery supplies to electrical appliances until it is completely drained.

An Inverter draws AC power from the main supply which is converted into DC equivalent at the same time. This DC equivalent charges the inverter battery simultaneously.


A UPS is directly connected to the electrical appliances. On the other hand, the inverter is connected to the electrical appliances with the help from the main power supply.